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Internship in Chennai by UNIQ Technologies

Why Should You Attend An Internship Program?

An internship is training from an expertized person of different filed with industry knowledge. Any stages of students can attend internship program which may vary in motive, standard, duration, paid or unpaid, experience and research. The motive can be for gaining knowledge in a field, attain a job with good salary, eager to learn new technologies, industrial exposure, and professional networking skills. UNIQ Technologies is determined to make students around the city with high intelligence quotient and erudite. The students joining Internship in Chennai will entail with real-time project development and corporate skills for sustaining an extended period

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Training Videos

Automatic Tollgate Detector

Video here illustrates the working model of the project ‘Automatic Tollgate Detector’ developed by students after the successful completion of their internship phase.

UNIQ Technologies Offer Internship For all Major Branches

Internship For Arts Students

Why Choose Internship at UNIQ

Start your plan today for an internship & make a successful beginning in your career path. The level of training at our company propels student development through a better placement preparation and adds an extra credit in their resume. The internship is great tools to improve your chances as a job applicant and help make you a better potential employee. We also offer an internship in Coimbatore, Tirunelveli and in few popular cities.

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