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NS2 IEEE Projects for Final Year Engineering Students

I. NS2 based MANET

  1. Trust-Based Task Assignment WithMultiobjective Optimization in Service-Oriented Ad Hoc Networks (IEEE 2017).
  2. Contradiction Based Gray-Hole AttackMinimization for Ad-Hoc Networks (IEEE 2017).
  3. A Coalition Formation Game for Distributed Node Clustering in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (IEEE 2017).
  4. Social Norm Incentives for Network Coding in Manets (IEEE 2017).


II. NS2 based WSN

  1. Energy Efficient Clustering Algorithm for Multi-Hop Wireless Sensor Network Using Type-2 Fuzzy Logic (IEEE 2017).
  2. A Wireless Sensor Network Border Monitoring System: Deployment Issues and Routing Protocols (IEEE 2017).



  1. A Game-theoretic Approach to Fake-Acknowledgment Attack on Cyber-Physical Systems (IEEE 2017).
  2. Resilience of DoS Attacks in Designing Anonymous User Authentication Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks (IEEE 2017).
  3. Coding Schemes for Securing Cyber-Physical Systems Against Stealthy Data Injection Attacks (IEEE 2017).


IV. NS2 based SDN

  1. The Energy-Aware Controller Placement Problem in Software Defined Networks (IEEE 2017).
  2. Line Switch: Tackling Control Plane Saturation Attacks in Software-Defined Networking (IEEE 2017).


V. NS2 based VANET

  1. Delay Analysis of Physical Layer Key Generation in Dynamic Roadside-to-Vehicle Network (IEEE 2017).
  2. RSU-Assisted Geocast in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (IEEE 2017).
  3. An Efficient and Fast Broadcast Frame Adjustment Algorithm in VANET (IEEE 2017).



  1. Secure and Energy-Efficient Data Transmission System Based on Chaotic Compressive Sensing in Body-to-Body Networks (IEEE 2017).
  2. Cost-Effective Mapping Between Wireless Body Area Networks and Cloud Service Providers Based on Multi-Stage Bargaining (IEEE 2017).



  1. Connectivity of Magnetic Induction-Based Ad Hoc Networks (IEEE 2017).
  2. Low Power Wide Area Network Analysis: Can LoRa Scale? (IEEE 2017).



  1. Water Ingress Detection in Low-Pressure Gas Pipelines Using Distributed Temperature Sensing System (IEEE 2017).
  2. Scheduling Battery-Powered Sensor Networks for Minimizing Detection Delays (IEEE 2017).

Why NS2

Networks have always been the hot cake of research for several years. From wired networks to wireless networks, several researches continue to be published in IEEE Journals and Conferences every year. Surprisingly, very few advanced tools are available for networks related simulations. When it comes to networks, NS2 has always topped the simulation chart. It comes pre-packaged with several protocol implementations like AODV,AOMDV etc , so that a researcher could spend more time on what he is planning to implement.

Why NS2 at Uniq?

We suggest the best ieee 2016 ns2 projects in chennai for final year ece students. We do not stop guiding only ieee 2016 final year ns2 projects, In addition we train students in ns2 technologies and implement own ns2 project ideas also.An integral part of any NS2 simulation are the trace file and nam file it generates. Among these, the trace file is the heart of simulation as it contains the simulation events that took place every second.

Most of the project centers don’t go beyond the nam file, which is simply an animation file for demonstrational purposes.

This is not a research and is merely a demo. We, in UNIQ, do an in-depth analysis of these trace files by employing code in perl and awk to mine valuable information from them. We guarantee that the code we deliver to you is of perfect quality, which no other institute strives to achieve.

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