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Embedded System IEEE Projects for Final Year Engineering Students



  1. Waste Water Management for Smart Cities. (IEEE2018)
  2. The Need of Multidisciplinary Approaches and Engineering Tools for the Development and Implementation of the Smart City Paradigm. (IEEE2018)
  3. Animal Detection System in Farm Areas. (IEEE2018)
  4. Advanced IOT Based Combined Remote Health Monitoring, Home Automation and Alarm System. (IEEE2018)
  5. Movement Decomposition and Machine Learning Based Fall Detection System Using Wrist Wearable Device. (IEEE2018)
  6. Pollution Control using the Internet of Things (IoT). (IEEE2018)



  1. A Wireless Continuous Patient Monitoring System for Dengue; Wi-Mon. (IEEE2018)
  2. A Low-Cost Intelligent Smart System for Real-Time Infant Monitoring and Cry Detection. (IEEE2018)
  3. Continuous Health Surveillance System for Cattle. (IEEE2018)
  4. Smart Pilgrim: A Mobile-Sensor Cloud-based System to Safeguard Pilgrims through Smart Environment. (IEEE2018)
  5. A Knowledge-Based Approach to Automatic Detection of Equipment Alarm Sounds in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Environment. (IEEE2018)
  6. Health Monitoring and Tracking System for Soldiers Using Internet of Things (IoT). (IEEE2018)
  7. Interoperable End-to-End Remote Patient Monitoring Platform based on IEEE 11073 PHD and ZigBee Health Care Profile. (IEEE2018)
  8. Toward Better Management for Asthma. (IEEE2018)
  9. Wearable Medical Sensor Based System Design: A Survey. (IEEE2018)
  10. Smart Phone-Based Peak Expiratory Flow Meter. (IEEE2018)



  1. A Conceptual Framework for Supporting UAV based Cyber-Physical Weather Monitoring Activities. (IEEE2018)
  2. Internet of Things for Smart Railway: Feasibility and Applications.(IEEE2018)
  3. IoT Based Smart School Bus Monitoring and Notification System (IEEE2018)
  4. RFID based Women Safety System with Automatic Street Light Control System. (IEEE2018)
  5. IoT-Based Sensing and Communications Infrastructure for the Fresh Food Supply Chain. (IEEE2018)
  6. Mobile Security Monitor: A Wearable Computing Platform to Detect and Notify Falls. (IEEE2018)
  7. Smart Parking Guidance Monitoring and Reservation: A Review. (IEEE2018)
  8. IOT Based Controlling of Hybrid Energy System using ESP8266. (IEEE2018)
  9. A Review on Different Techniques of Fire Detection for Emergency Management. (IEEE2018)
  10. Wearable Wireless Sensor System with RF Remote Activation for Gas Monitoring Applications. (IEEE2018)



  1. An Uphill Safety Controller with Deep Learning based Ramp Detection for Intelligent Wheelchairs. (IEEE2018)
  2. Sensor Motes for the Exploration and Monitoring of Operational Pipelines. (IEEE2018)
  3. A Distributed Control Framework of Multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Dynamic Wildfire Tracking. (IEEE2018)
  4. VIRTUE: Video Surveillance for Rail-Road Traffic Safety at Unmanned Level Crossings. (IEEE2018)
  5. Battlefield Assistive Robot. (IEEE2018)
  6. Multiple Distance Sensors Based Smart Stick for Visually Impaired People. (IEEE2018)
  7. Mine Detection for Defence Using GSM. (IEEE2018)
  8. Voice Recognition Controlled Wheel Chair. (IEEE2018)



  1. An IoT cloud system for traffic monitoring and vehicular accidents prevention based on mobile sensor data processing. (IEEE2018)
  2. Smart IoT based system for vehicle noise and pollution monitoring. (IEEE2018)
  3. A prototype of the fire symptom detection system. (IEEE2018)
  4. A probabilistic approach for forecasting the allowable current of oil-immersed transformers. (IEEE2018)
  5. A data parasitizing scheme for effective health monitoring in wireless body area networks.(IEEE2018)
  6. Online obstructive sleep apnea detection on medical wearable sensors. (IEEE2018)
  7. Bridge monitoring and alert generation system using IoT.(IEEE2018)
  8. Design and development of an IoT based wearable device for the safety and security of women and girl children. (IEEE2018)
  9. Intelligent medicine box for medication management using IoT (IEEE2018)
  10. Internet of things in smart ambulance and emergency medicine. (IEEE2018)



  1. LPG Level Monitoring, Booking and Gas Leakage Detector. (IEEE2018)
  2. Smart Meter Privacy: Exploiting the Potential of Household Energy Storage Units. (IEEE2018)



  1. SEAT: Secure Energy-efficient Automated Public Transport Ticketing System. (IEEE2018)
  2. SMS Based Banking Security System. (IEEE2018)



  1. Centralized Automation of Petrol Bunk Management and Safety using RFID and GSM Technology. (IEEE2018)
  2. ATM Transaction without Debit Card. (IEEE2018)



  1. Smart Shopping Cart. (IEEE2018)
  2. On Human to Database Interface Based on Visible Light Communication. (IEEE2018)
  3. A Health Remote Monitoring Application based on Wireless Body Area Networks. (IEEE2018)
  4. A Methodology for Reliability of WSN Based on Software Defined Network in Adaptive Industrial Environment. (IEEE2018)
  5. Secured and Green Data Processing and Transmission in a Human Vehicle Interaction ADAS System. (IEEE2018)



  1. Automated Vehicle Parking System and Unauthorized Parking Detector. (IEEE2018)
  2. Wearable Device-Based System to Monitor a Driver’s Stress, Fatigue, and Drowsiness. (IEEE2018)
  3. A Smart System for Garden Watering using Wireless Sensor Networks. (IEEE2018)
  4. LPG Monitoring and Leakage Detection System. (IEEE2018)
  5. SMS Based Industrial Disaster Intimation System. (IEEE2018)
  6. A Review on Human-Centered IoT-Connected Smart Labels for the Industry 4.0. (IEEE2018)



  1. EATS: Enhanced Automatic Tollgate System Powered by IoT and Big Data. (IEEE2018)
  2. Technology-Assisted Decision Support System for Efficient Water Utilization: A Real-Time Testbed for Irrigation Using Wireless Sensor Networks. (IEEE2018)
  3. WiFi Sensing Based Real-time Bus Tracking and Arrival Time Prediction in Urban Environments. (IEEE2018)
  4. Real-Time Flood Water Level Monitoring System with SMS Notification. (IEEE2018)
  5. Accident and Alcohol Detection in Bluetooth enabled Smart Helmets for Motorbikes. (IEEE2018)
  6. Protocol Implementation for Wireless Sensor Network for Anti-Poaching of Trees. (IEEE2018)
  7. Design and Implementation of Real-Time Transformer Health Monitoring System Using GSM Technology. (IEEE2018)
  8. SmartBath: Water Temperature Control System. (IEEE2018)
  9. Monitoring Physiological variables Of Mining Workers at High Altitude. (IEEE2018)
  10. Towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution Impact: Smart Product Based on RFID Technology.(IEEE2018)
  11. Automated Medical Waste Segregation Machine Using Arduino Controller. (IEEE2018)
  12. Multi-sensor Integrated System for Wireless Monitoring of Greenhouse Environment. (IEEE2018)



  1. Super-pixel Based Single Nighttime Image Haze Removal. (IEEE2018)
  2. Automatic Detection of Tomato Diseases and Pests Based on Leaf Image. (IEEE2018)
  3. Fully Convolutional Networks with Sequential Information for Robust Crop and Weed Detection in Precision Farming. (IEEE2018)
  4. An Automatic Fire Detection and Warning System under Home Video Surveillance. (IEEE2018)
  5. Fusion of structural and textural features for melanoma recognition. (IEEE2018)
  6. Deep multiple instances of learning for automatic detection of diabetic retinopathy in retinal images. (IEEE2018)
  7. Colour Image Segmentation for Malaria parasites Detection using Cascading Method. (IEEE2018)
  8. Integrated Approach for Bone Tumor Detection from MRI Scan Imagery. (IEEE2018)
  9. A Face Recognition Attendance System with GSM Notification. (IEEE2018)
  10. Gesture Recognition and fingertip detection for Human-Computer Interaction. (IEEE2018)



  • Verifiable Classroom Voting in Practice. (IEEE2018)
  • A proposed framework for a biometric electronic voting system. (IEEE2018)
  • Design, Characterization and Implementation of a Two-DOF Fabric-based Soft Robotic Arm. (IEEE2018)



  1. Improving Smart Home Security; Integrating Logical Sensing into Smart Home. (IEEE2018)
  2. A Driver State Detection System—Combining a Capacitive Hand Detection Sensor with Physiological Sensors. (IEEE2018)
  3. A Temperature Compensated Smart Nitrate-Sensor for Agricultural Industry. (IEEE2018)
  4. Bi-Directional Passing People Counting System based on IR-UWB Radar Sensors. (IEEE2018)
  5. Automated Blood Donating And Managing System Using Raspberry Pi B+. (IEEE2018)
  6. A Raspberry Pi Controlled Cloud-Based Air and Sound Pollution Monitoring System with Temperature and Humidity Sensing. (IEEE2018)



  1. Internet of Things Enhanced User Experience for Smart Water and EnergyManagement. (IEEE2018)
  2. Prototype Development of a Wireless Embedded System for Bridge Monitoring. (IEEE2018)
  3. Smart Innovation Applications for a Green House Using Sustainable and Renewable Energy in the UAE.   (IEEE2018)
  4. Road safety in the age of mobile phones: IoT and Milgram. (IEEE2018)
  5. Intelligent Condition Monitoring System for Distribution Transformer and Health Status Diagnosis. (IEEE2018)
  6. Internet of Things for Flame Monitoring Power Station Boilers. (IEEE2018)
  7. Monitoring Earthquake through MEMS Sensors (MEMS project) in the town of Acireale (Italy). (IEEE2018)
  8. A Complete Internet of Things (IoT) Platform for Structural Health Monitoring (SHM). (IEEE2018)



  1. Lifetime Optimization of Wireless Sensor Networks for Gas Monitoring in Underground Coal Mining. (IEEE2018)
  2. Design and Implementation of an Agricultural Monitoring System for Smart Farming. (IEEE2018)
  3. IoT based Smart Home Automation System using Sensor Node. (IEEE2018)
  4. IoT Solutions for Crop Protection against Wild Animal Attacks. (IEEE2018)
  5. Physical sensors for precision aquaculture: A Review. (IEEE2018)



  1. Redundant robot localization system based in a wireless sensor network. (IEEE2018)
  2. Automatic Dangerous Driving Intensity Analysis for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems from Multimodal Driving Signals. (IEEE2018)
  3. Semi-supervised Deep Reinforcement Learning in Support of IoT and Smart City Services. (IEEE2018)
  4. Energy-efficient border intrusion detection using wireless sensors network. (IEEE2018)
  5. Quantifying the Effects of Increasing Mechanical Stress on Knee Acoustical Emissions Using Unsupervised graph mining. (IEEE2018)



  1. Development Of Data Acquisition Robot For Toxic Environmental Monitoring Using WSN. (IEEE2018)
  2. Development Of WSN Based Water Level Monitoring And Control System Using Android. (IEEE2018)
  3. Smart Home Automation. (IEEE2018)
  4. Speech Recognition Based Voice Command Notice Board. (IEEE2018)
  5. Greenhouse Environment Controlling With Monitoring On Android Application Weather Report Information System. (IEEE2018)

Why Embedded System?

Embedded systems are the one where the software meets the physical world. As we put tiny computers in to all sorts of systems (door locks, airplanes, pacemakers), how we implement the software is truly, terrifyingly important. Each day, our lives become more dependent on embedded systems right from smart phones, air conditioner, washing machines and so on. The uses of embedded systems are virtually limitless, because new products are introduced to the market that utilizes embedded computers in novel ways. Today we have the latest innovation in Embedded systems i.e. “Internet of things”, which is more popular. As Embedded systems becomes a part of our day to day activities it necessary for continuous research in this field.

Why Embedded System at UNIQ?

At UNIQ Technologies, Chennai we offer IEEE final year projects on embedded systems. We have been rated by many sites as the best project center for Embedded in Chennai. That is a boost to our hard work over these years. We provide you recent 2016 IEEE papers and you can choose your own Topics related to it. Apart from delivering high quality of embedded projects on time and within budget, we also provide free training on Embedded and free campus interview coaching. This is an offer which no other institutes offer. So take your notes and head right to our office. Think, inspire & grow together

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most of the project centers don’t go beyond the nam file, which is simply an animation file for demonstrational purposes.

This is not a research and is merely a demo. We, in UNIQ, do an in-depth analysis of these trace files by employing code in perl and awk to mine valuable information from them. We guarantee that the code we deliver to you is of perfect quality, which no other institute strives to achieve.