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Power Electronics IEEE Projects for Final Year Engineering Students


  1. Three-Port Converter with Power Transfer Capability Using Three-Leg Rectifier for Renewable Energy Applications. (IE 2016).
  2. Full Bridge Three-Port Converter Based on Bridgeless Boost Rectifier and Bidirectional Converter for Multiple Energy Interface. (IE 2016).
  3. An Interleaved-Boost Full-Bridge Three Port Converter for Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems (IE 2016).
  4. A Triple Active Bridge DC-DC Converter Capable of Achieving Full-Range Zero Voltage Switching(IE 2016).



  1. High-Gain Single-Stage Boosting AC to DC Conversion for Photovoltaic Applications. (IE 2016).
  2. A Single-Phase PV Quasi-Z-Source Inverter with Reduced Capacitance Using Modified Modulation and DFRSC(IE 2016).
  3. A Medium Frequency Transformer-Based Wind Energy Conversion System Used for CSC Based Offshore Wind Farm (IE 2016).
  4. Ultra-capacitor-Battery Hybrid Energy Storage System Based on the Asymmetric Bidirectional Z Source Topology for Electric Vehicle(IE 2016).
  5. Analysis the Efficient Single Phase Transformerless Inverter for Grid-Tied PVG System With Reactive Power Control.(IE 2016).
  6. Highly Reliable Transformerless PV Inverters with Leakage Current and Pulsating Power Elimination. (IE 2016).



  1. Obtaining High Gain DC–DC Converter Based on the Cockcroft–Walton Multiplier. (IE 2016).
  2. A Three-State Switching Mixed With Magnetic Coupling and Voltage Multiplier Techniques for High Gain Conversion (IE 2016).
  3. Efficiency utilization of Coupled-Inductor-Based Step-Down Converter (IE 2016).
  4. Buck-Boost Converters Based on Semi active Rectifiers for High-Output Voltage Applications (IE 2016).
  5. A Sensitivity-Improved PFM LLC Resonant Full Bridge Boost Converter with LC opposed Resonant Circuitry (IE 2016).
  6. High-Efficiency LLC Resonant Converter with improved Gain Using an Auxiliary LC Resonant Circuit(IE 2016).
  7. Multi-input boost Converters Based on the Switched-Diode-Capacitor Voltage Accumulator(IE 2016).
  8. Achieving Charging Operation of a Dickson Switched-Capacitor Converter. (IE 2016).
  9. A PWM Plus Phase-Shift Controlled Boost Converter Based on Semi-active Quadrupler Rectifier for High Step-Up Applications(IE 2016).
  10. Estimate High Efficiency Coupled-Inductor Based Step-Down Converter. (IE 2016).



  1. LCL Filter Design for Power Factor Correction using Line Impedance Stabilization Network (IE 2016).
  2. Control of a Three-Phase Boost Power Factor Correction Rectifier (IE 2016).
  3. A bidirectional single-stage Rectifier with high-frequency Isolation and power factor Correction (IE 2016).
  4. Bumpless Control for Reduced harmonic Distortion in Power Factor Correction Circuits. (IE 2016).



  1. Analysis and Design of Modified Half-Bridge Series Resonant Inverter with Diode Clamp-Link Neutral-Point Clamped Cell. (IE 2016).
  2. Simulate Hybrid Modulation Scheme for a High-Frequency AC-Link Inverter. (IE 2016).
  3. A Coupled Inductor Based Inverter with Sub–Unity Turns–Ratio Range. (IE 2016).
  4. Switched-Coupled-Inductor Quasi-Z-Source DC conversion. (IE 2016).
  5. A Zero Voltage Source Grid-Connected Full-Bridge Inverter with a Novel ZVS SPWM Scheme. (IE 2016).
  6. Dual Step Down Inverter with Series Connected Diodes and Single Inductor. (IE 2016).
  7. Analysis of Three-Phase Split-Source Inverter (SSI). (IE 2016).
  8. PWM Technique for High Voltage Gain Operation of Three-Phase Z-Source Inverters. (IE 2016).
  9. Bidirectional DC-AC Converter with Non-Complementary Active-Clamp Circuits. (IE 2016).
  10. High-Efficiency Bidirectional Dual Active Bridge Inverter Using a Novel Hybrid Modulation for Stand-Alone Power Generating System with Low Input Voltage (IE 2016).



  1. A Family of multilevel Dual-Buck Full-Bridge Inverters for Grid-Tied Applications. (IE 2016).
  2. A Single DC Source Cascaded Inverter Integrating Switched Capacitor Techniques. (IE 2016).
  3. An Enhanced Single Phase Boost Five-Level Inverter. (IE 2016).
  4. A New Cascaded Inverter Based on Improved Series– Parallel Conversion with Less Number of Components (IE 2016).
  5. Design a Novel Multilevel DC–AC Inverter. (IE 2016).

Why Power Electronics

Power electronics is one of the Sources For effective usage of the renewable energy. The domain which is a backbone of hardware manufacturing and it is a application of solid state devices. It is fully based upon real time and economical development oriented like converters, and inverters. The power electronics that is, the course of action done by the fame application of Matlab. The domain which is a provocative for students who they are willing to do something innovative.

Why Power Electronics at Uniq?

At UNIQ Technologies, Chennai we offer IEEE final year projects on power electronics. The place where techies are trained the students regarding their desire technically. The students who look ahead the place where they can gain knowledge through training given by us is a mimic experience like MNC’s. Training offered as practical demonstration. The exposure of Power electronics derived from latest IEEE standard. We are here to help you Professionals who are from EEE,ECE,E&I,ICE .Even , the delicate projects also done as like as an easy task by our techies. The students can create a project within a allowance. Give your arrival to our foremost Project Centre located at Coimbatore and makes all your thoughts comes true.

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