Engineering Services

Engineering Services

New Product Development Services

UNIQ provides high-quality turnkey new product development services. This includes end-to-end development from a “concept”, making the product a reality.

We provide services for the development of following types of products:

  1. Electronic products
  2. Electro-Mechanical products
  3. Mechanical products

Our activities include:

  1.  Requirements Specification Generation
  2. Product Design
  3. Field / “Real Environment” Testing
  4. Product Certification

We offer our clients high-quality product design starting from simple Sensor up to complex high-speed data acquisition systems.

Hardware Design Services

Hardware design is a critical part of any system design. Achieving optimal and right hardware design is important.

UNIQ team has extensive expertise and years of experience in low to high complexity and high-speed hardware system and board designs. This includes designs for harsh environment industrial and defence applications. Our engineers have vast experience in all aspects of good hardware design including high-speed designs, timing analysis, Signal Integrity analysis to achieve “first time right” designs. Our team is well versed with requirements of EMI/EMC, safety, DFM/ DFT and ensure the success of the product when it goes in the “real world” environment.

Some design highlights:

  1. High-Speed hardware designs•
  2. Two Layer board designs with impedance control
  3. Considerations for DFM/DFT
  4. Designs for harsh environment industrial applications

Our experience in hardware designs is as follows:

  1. Architecture / System Designs
  2. Processors
    • Various families of 8/16/32 bit processors, micro controllers, SOCs
  3. • Mixed Signal Designs
    • Analog/digital mixed signal circuit designs•
  4. Framers and Mappers
    • 10/100/1000 Base-T/F Ethernet•
  5. Board designs
    • Multilayer boards: 2 layers
    • Microcontroller boards
    • High-speed line cards
    • Wireless boards for RF, GSM, GPS
    • Timing / Control / Synchronization / Clock cards
    • Switch / Cross-connect cards
    • Interface boards, IO Panels, Power Supply cards
    • Evaluation / Reference boards
    • Serial Interface: up to 2.5 GHz.

Automotive and Transportation Industry Services

From the Model T of the early 20th century to the upcoming Autonomous vehicles, the automotive industry has seen a paradigm shift like no other. What was considered as a purely mechanical/electric assembly of components has ceased to become automobile of the future –with software and electronics setting the motion?

In most cities automobiles (specifical cars) are considered by people as their second home leading to a fast convergence between consumer electronics and the possibilities in a car. The resultant effect is the emergence of new facets of connected cars, self-driving cars, apps, the Internet of Things (IoT), the User Experience (UX), Big Data, and from safety electronics to consumer electronics. It is estimated that there are millions of lines of codes in a car at times even exceeding those in an aircraft. Analysts estimate that more than 80% of all automotive innovation now stems from electronics.

Some automotive innovation:

  1. Multi-sensing system with front camera
  2. Forward Collision Avoidance Assist Concept
  3. Multi-sensing system with rear camera
  4. Fastest Route Guidance Systems
  5. All-around “Collision Free” Prototype


At UNIQ, it means achieving real business results that allow you to transform, and not just maintain, your operations.

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