Mechanical Services

Mechanical Services

“High Accuarcy, Legacy Data Conversion”

Outsourcing the non-core activities allows you to concentrate on core development activity while increasing productivity

We provide outstanding know-how for the conversion of Boundary Rep and Parametric CAD models. With the help of our conversion service, you can benefit from the competence of the leading provider of 3D data conversion software. All 3D CAD systems are supported. Conversion of complex assembly structures, extensive amounts of data sets and poor quality models are accomplished within the stipulated of time. We offer conversions with high end CAD software. With the help of geometrical model comparisons following conversion, you can guarantee that the converted geometry corresponds exactly to the output model.

Product Design and Development


New Product Development(NPD):

CEC’s New Product Development is designed for organizations that want to:

  • Create a pipeline of new products.
  • Develop an existing product to target the demanding market.
  • Re-engineer an existing product by introducing new exciting features with latest technology.
  • Innovate completely new ideas for sustainable products.


When developing new products or services we consider the following:

  • New technologies which could have been developed internally or available externally.
  • Product competitors.
  • Need for the product in Customer’s perspective, through market research, focus groups, and direct feedback of customers.

CEC has a effective-strategy for NPD. We begin with an analysis of your existing product or situation. Then, we jointly apply our thinking tools to create the virtual products i.e. 3D CAD models. These virtual 3D products will have novel variations on the existing product or completely new concepts. We test these ideas by passing them through various process such as Brain storming a rigorous set of questions and analyses designed to separate the truly viable ideas from the merely interesting. In the case of NPD, only ideas that the team identifies as having high market potential and a very good chance of implementation pass to the next stage.


What You Can Expect form us

We consider an NPD project successful when new products or services are actually launched in the market. But even before this stage, you will be able to see results, including these three deliverables that you can immediately assess when the project is completed.

  • A list of ideas that have passed Brain storming.
  • Selected concepts, which mutually agreed upon, and which will be turned into proposals for development.
  • A preliminary action plan for implementing the development of your New Product/Service.


Reverse Engineering

“Reverse Engineering (RE) is today a consolidated methodology integrated in the design process for reconstructing surfaces from physical prototypes.”.

While doing Reverse Engineering, we analyse what makes a product works and the product will be digitized which could be converted in to 3D CAD models. We create reports, and those reports specify the exact answers to the questions posed. The data points could be captured in 2D or 3D using contact or non-contact methods. The collected data points can be supplied in convenient CAD formats as required by our customers. Engineering companies requesting either data retrieval of part geometry or generating part prints can be reverse engineered. The data is generated by scanning X Y Z points and supplying them in an ASCII, DXF or IGES format.


Industrial Design

The skills that we encompass cover the aesthetics and usability of a product, which may be improved for marketability and production. As such the industrial design looks at form and function, and the connection between product and user.


Conceptual Design:


Concept Development

  • Brainstorming
  • Ideation
  • Product Research
  • Market Segment Analysis
  • Color Studies
  • Branding



  • Material & Processes
  • Compliance Requirements (EMI, UL, NEBS, FAA)
  • Component Sourcing
  • Competitive Review
  • Product User Analysis
  • Ergonomic / Interface / Human Factors Assessment



  • Photo Realistic Renderings.
  • Animation and Computer Simulation.
  • Models for explanation (Study Models).
  • Mock-ups.
  • FDM & SLA Prototypes.
  • Mechanical Prototyping.
  • Field Testing Prototypes.
  • Production Liaison

Having experienced people with more than 15 years of experience CEC understands the importance of a successful product launch. From concept to prototyping, from R&D to collaborative product development, we work to turn your planned vision into reality.


At UNIQ, it means achieving real business results that allow you to transform, and not just maintain, your operations.

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