Testing Services

Testing Services

Testing is perceived to take too long and cost too much. This is to some extent true. However, this is likely due to the fact that companies do not focus on simple testing processes until very late into the development life cycle.

Studies reveal that it is far more expensive to catch defects during testing – at least 60 times as costly as finding the defect during design or prior to coding. (Watts S. Humphrey, American Programmer, Dec 1994)

When they do get around to it, most organization’s testing processes are not very disciplined – they lack definition, measurement, and the ability to be repeated.

Typically, more than half of all software defects are found downstream in the development process or during post-sale software use. This late discovery costs the economy billions of dollars annually, since almost every business in the world relies on software to operate. And, in today’s highly regulated business environment, companies can no longer afford to over look software errors.

To be effective, software applications testing must start at the beginning of the development process and play an integral role throughout the application lifecycle. uniq Technologies works in partnership with the clients to test software across all phases of development. Moreover uniq technologies as your QA partner brings skills, processes and tools to improve your testing capabilities as a whole.

Our testing experts take the uncertainty out of product quality.

Our proven QA methodology has worked consistently to our customer’s benefit. With every project, we rigorously follow steps such as requirements analysis, project planning and scheduling, test planning, team planning, implementation, feedback and follow-up. This has ensured bug free products in the shortest possible time.

uniq technologies can complement your QA team by fulfilling tasks that your QA team does not have the required bandwidth to do. Alternatively you can outsource your entire QA effort to uniq technologies. In either scenario, uniq technologies’s experienced project team will work seamlessly with your development and QA team to deliver a great product.

uniq technologies is committed to delivering three key elements of Quality Management System:- Verification,Validation and Audit. We have extensive experience testing Web-based applications, client server applications, Windows applications and UNIX applications. Our domain expertise includes testing Banking and Insurance applications, ERP and Supply Chain products, CRM Applications, Wireless and Embedded Systems and HR Suites.

Our consultants develop test plans, write test cases and scripts, execute tests, document defects and report testing status. You know at every step along the way which tests have passed, which have failed and which remain to be run.

We perform functional testing, regression testing, install/de-install testing, platform/compatibility testing, white-box testing and many other test types.

Our methodology adopts a collaborative approach with client’s practitioners for successful testing and implementation. We have developed robust methodologies that allow us to get projects underway rapidly and produce high-quality results using a predictable low-risk approach. We also ensure smooth knowledge transfer to the client’s core team to ensure continual process improvements.

We also help clients to select and implement new tools, including those used for test management, configuration management and defect tracking.

Testing can be performed at your site or remotely as per the clients needs.


At uniq, it means achieving real business results that allow you to transform, and not just maintain, your operations.

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