Testing Methodology

We offer a phased approach to Software testing, where each phase is sub-divided into structured series of tasks.

Review points are defined to assure that quality factors are adhered to.

Our methodology adopts a collaborative approach with client for successful testing and implementation.

Uniq technologies primarily uses two test methodologies: Component Testing and System Testing

Component Testing

This is a process whereby software is divided into functional units known as components, where each component is separately tested. There are two major types of component testing namely – White Box testing and Black Box testing.

White box testing

In this type, a moderate to high level of knowledge about the inner workings of a component is assumed. It uses test cases which are intended to break specific algorithms or internal processes. This also covers the following in detail :

  • Code Walkthrough
  • Test Coverage Analysis
  • Code Complexity Analysis


Black box testing

Here, little or no knowledge of the internals of a software component is assumed. This type concentrates entirely upon verifying the product performance according to its functional specifications, inputs and outputs of a set of interfaces are tested and verified.

Grey box testing

A system is viewed as a grey-box if users have some knowledge of how it behaves behind the interface.

This may include knowledge of a particular algorithm used in implementing the service. With black-box testing we select test cases that fall inside the range of legal inputs/outputs as defined by its interface. This allows us to check that the system really conforms to that interface. Grey-box testing is carried out with some knowledge of the internals of the system (possibly gathered purely by experimentation).

System Testing

System testing views the application (or software) under test as a single entity. This is primarily a black box testing. The main goals of system testing are determining overall functionality, usability, compatibility and measuring reliability.

These tests could further be classified as :

Functionality Testing, Usability Testing, Performance Testing, Stability Testing, Stress and Volume Data Testing, Security Testing, Cross platform compatibility Testing, Installation Testing, Interrupt Testing, Parallel Processing Testing, System & network configurations Testing etc.


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