We, UNIQ Technologies offer Inplant training and internship for all engineering and arts department students.

Video here illustrates the working model of the project ‘Automatic Tollgate Detector‘ developed by students after the successful completion of their internship phase.

It works on the basis of counting the number of cars crossing the Tollgate. Also avoids manpower involved in making the payment which is automatically detected from the card that is accessed. Payment card used by each passenger works as a sensor here for counting and making the payment as well.

Branches: Chennai, Coimbatore and Tirunelveli

Feel Free to Contact: 95000 88927

Internship Details:

Chennai: https://www.uniqtechnologies.co.in/internship/chennai/

Coimbatore: https://www.uniqtechnologies.co.in/internship/coimbatore/

Tirunelveli: https://www.uniqtechnologies.co.in/internship/tirunelveli/

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