Internship for CIVIL Students

Internship Program

Short Term – 5 Days | Long Term – 10 Days to 4 months

Building Design – ZWCAD

Internship For CIVIL Students 

Building Design Using ZWCAD


Day 1: Introduction Of ZWCAD

  • ZWCAD Functions
  • ZWCAD System Requirements
  • Invoking Commands in ZWCAD
  • ZWCAD Screen Components like Drawing Area,
    Command Window, Navigation Bar & Status Bar

Day  2: Design Of Individual Villas

  • Design Of Residential Building 2D Plan
  • Design Of Living Room, Pooja Room
  • Design Of Kitchen & Rest Room
  • Design Of Balcony & Portico
  • Design Of Staircase


Day  3: Structural Design Of Individual Villas

  • Design Of Centerline Diagram
  • Design Of Column Diagram
  • Design Of Footing Diagram
  • Design Of Building in Front. Rear, & Side Elevation
  • Design Of Sectional Elevation

Day  4:  Design Of Commercial Building With 70MM Theatre

  • Design Of Commercial Building 2D plan
  • Design Of Shops, Staircase, Rest Room
  • Design Of Seating Area, Projector Area, Screen
  • Design Of Canteen in theTheatre

Day  5:  Structural Design Of Building & Theatre

  • Design Of Centerline Layout
  • Design Of Column Layout
  • Design Of Footing Layout
  • Design Of Sectional Elevation
  • Design Of Theatre Elevation in Top View

Internship Program – Site Visiting 


Day 1:  Marking & Excavation

  • Marking of plot
  • Excavate soil
  • Foundation
  • Types of foundation
  • Shallow foundation
  • Deep foundation (pile)


Day 2:  Basement Work For Footing

  • Footing
  • Types of footing
  • Strip footing
  • Isolated footing
  • Mat footing
  • Reinforcement details
  • Concrete
  • Mix ratio of concrete
  • Aggregates


Day 3:  Column & Plinth Area

  • Column
  • Types of column
  • Size of column
  • Reinforcement details for column
  • Plinth level
  • Sand filling for plinth level


Day 4:  Construction Of Masonry Work

  • Bricks
  • Types of bricks
  • Burnt clay brick
  • Hollow brick
  • Fly ash brick
  • Type of bond
  • Lintel
  • Types of lintel
  • Reinforcement details for lintel


Day 5:  Construction Of Slab and Beam

  • Slab and its types
  • One way slab
  • Two-way slab
  • Continuous slab
  • Beam and its types
  • Single reinforced beam
  • Double reinforced beam
  • Parapet wall
  • Water tank
  • Septic tank
  • Plastering work
  • Painting

UNIQ Training Sessions

Civil Internship Training

Civil Internship Training

UNIQ Technologies Offers Internship Training for Civil Students. Students are Guided with Excellent Training in Various Domains. Join Us for Practical Sessions.

Why Internship at UNIQ Technologies?

Want to be an expert? Then step into UNIQ technologies at Chennai & Coimbatore.

What are the skills a Civil Student should know before one enters into a core company?

As a student of Civil Engineering Department, the working knowledge of Marking & Excavation, Column & Plinth Area, Construction Of Masonry Work, Construction Of Slab and Beam & much more is necessary for getting into a core company.


What core Companies expect from Civil students?

Civil core companies work profile is primarily based on skills like Design Of Individual Villas, Structural Design and much more. These companies expect students to be internship certified for their work level. As a certified internship in your core field, the chances of getting into a core company are more likely. An internship certification assures an employer to easily select a candidate for their requirements.


What are the benefits doing an internship?

  • You have 100% chance of getting placed in core companies
  • Your resume profile adds an extra credit by internship programme
  • You will be more competitive as compared to others
  • You learn your core field in more depth, which will lead you to a chosen career
  • Internship will fetch you a better-salaried company
  • Internship will increase your skill sets
  • You will build your network by working with corporate people which mainly help you as a reference for interviews

Civil is the core branch involving design process, Marking, basement work, structural design, commercial design, construction works and much constructive design works. An Internship in this process will guide you to a better engineer for depth understanding of technology.

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