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Big Data IEEE Projects

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Big Data IEEE Projects for Final Year Engineering Students

I. IEEE 2018 BIGDATA (Hadoop) based DATA MINING

  1. Using Closed-Set Speaker Identification Score Confidence to Enhance Audio-Based Collaborative Filtering for Multiple Users. (IEEE 2018)
  2. Application of Genetic Programming(GP)formalism for building disease predictive models from protein-protein interactions(PPI) data. (IEEE 2018)
  3. Health Monitoring on Social Media over Time. (IEEE 2018)
  4. A Distributed Short-Term Load Forecasting Method Based on Local Weather Information. (IEEE 2018)
  5. Sparse Portfolios for High Dimensional Financial Index Tracking. (IEEE 2018)


II. IEEE 2018 BIGDATA (Hadoop) based WEB MINING

  1. Influence Analysis of Emotional Behaviors and User Relationships Based on Twitter Data. (IEEE 2018)
  2. Semi-Supervised Spam Detection in Twitter Stream. (IEEE 2018)
  3. Prediction-based and Locality-aware Task Scheduling for Parallelizing Video Transcoding over Heterogeneous Map Reduce Cluster. (IEEE 2018)
  4. Weakly-supervised Deep Embedding for Product Review Sentiment Analysis. (IEEE 2018)
  5. Big Data Based Security Analytics for Protecting Virtualized Infrastructures in Cloud Computing. (IEEE 2018)

We suggest the best IEEE 2018 Big Data projects for final year CSE students. We do not stop guiding only IEEE 2018 final year Big Data projects, In addition, we train students in Big Data Technologies and implement own Big Data project ideas also.

Why Big Data

Do you know how many data we create on a single day? Its 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. Isn’t it Amazing? Have you ever thought were these data’s comes from? It comes from everywhere around the world like from sensors used to gather climatic information, posts to social media sites, cell phones gps signals, digital pictures and videos, purchase transaction records. This data is Big data. IT executives continually evaluate the technology trends that will impact their business based on analysis of this data’s. Company Employs Data scientist to analyze their technology trends through various phases. It takes some technical know-how to define how the data is collected & stored. Today’s Business intelligence is mainly based on analysis of these big data rather than going through many complicated technical steps.

Why Big Data at UNIQ

At UNIQ Technologies, Chennai we offer IEEE final year projects on Big data. We train students on Big data development in such a way that, students are endorsed with the ability to develop their own big data projects. Training is given by Experts from MNC’s companies which ensure the quality of the learning. We provide A to Z materials for each project modules and guide them for review presentations till the end of their academic project. Training is more practical with graphical analysis rather than theoretical. A Convenient time is provided for training to facilitate students coming from different parts of the state. So why wait? Join us for better future ahead.

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