Internship for Mechanical Students

Internship Program

Short Term – 5 Days | Long Term – 10 Days to 4 months

Platform – Lathe Machine, Robotics

Internship For MECHANICAL Students

Internship programm 5 days – Lathe Works


Day 1: Introduction  Instruments, Machines & Lathe

Day  2: Vernier Caliper Measurement

1.Basic Working Principle of Vernier Calipers

2.Vernier Caliper Functions & Important Parts

3.Vernier Caliper Least Count & Length Reading Formula

4.Vernier Caliper Measuring Gauge Tool

5.Reading Steps of Vernier Calipers Measurements

6. Vernier Caliper’s Usage & Appropriate Measurements

Day  3: Micrometer Measurement

  1. Inner Micrometer
  2. Outer Micrometer

Day  4:  Drawing Study

  1. Drawing Analysis
  2. Angle Analysis
  • 1st Angle, 3rd Angle Analysis

Day  5:  Lathe Works & Job Inspection

  1. Job Loading
  2. Job Process

** Project Report

Internship Program 10 days – Lathe & Milling Works


Day 1:  Introduction Instruments, Machines Lathe & Milling

Day 2:  Vernier Caliper Measurement

1. Basic Working Principle of Vernier Caliper

2. Vernier Caliper Functions & Important Parts

3. Vernier Caliper Least Count & Length Reading Formula

4. Vernier Caliper Measuring Gauge Tool

5. Reading Steps of Vernier Caliper Measurements

6.  Vernier Caliper’s Usage & Appropriate Measurements

Day 3:  Micrometer Measurement

  1. Inner Micrometer
  2. Outer Micrometer

Day 4:  Drawing Study

  1. Drawing Analysis
  2. Angle Analysis
  • 1st Angle, 3rd Angle Analysis

Day 5:  Lathe Machine Work

  1. Job Loading
  2. Job Process

Day 6:  Geometric Measurement

Day 7:  Milling Process & Program

Day 8:  Milling Machine Work

  1. PCD Setting
  2. Slot Setting

Day 9:  Inspection & Quality Measures

Day 10:  Project / Job Completion Analysis

** Project Report

UNIQ Training Sessions

Civil Internship Training

Civil Internship Training

UNIQ Technologies Offers Internship Training for Civil Students. Students are Guided with Excellent Training in Various Domains. Join Us for Practical Sessions.

Why Internship at UNIQ Technologies?

Want to be an expert? Then step into UNIQ technologies internship in Coimbatore Chennai.

What are the skills a Mechanical Student should know before one enters into a core company?

As a student of Mechanical Engineering Department, the working knowledge of Robotics, Machine vision, Image processing, Matlab, Labview, Arduino, Motors, relays, automation, elevator model, Instrumentation, sensors interface & much more is necessary for getting into a core company.


What core Companies expect from Mechanical students?

Mechanical core companies work profile is primarily based on skills like automotive domain, Robotics, Machine vision, Video surveillance, Instrumentation, Labview, Matlab, Image processing. These companies expect students to be internship certified in these domains for their work level. As a certified internship in your core field, the chances of getting into a core company are more likely. An internship certification assures an employer to easily select a candidate for their requirements.


What are the benefits doing an internship?

  • You have 100% chance of getting placed in IT companies
  • Your resume profile adds an extra credit by internship programme
  • You will be more competitive as compared to others
  • You learn your core field in more depth, which will lead you to a chosen career
  • Internship will fetch you a better-salaried company
  • Internship will increase your skill sets
  • You will build your network by working with corporate people which mainly help you as a reference for interviews

Mechanical is the core branch involving Industrial process, Machining operations, Robotics, hydraulics & pneumatics design, control systems, kinematics, Machine vision & many processes. An Internship in this process will guide you to a better engineer for depth understanding of technology.

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