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2019 IEEE Projects for Final Year Civil Students



  1. Experimental study on strength of concrete using crushed pebbles by replacement of fine aggregate.
  2. Investigations on durability characteristics of e-plastic waste incorporated concrete.
  3. An Experimental Investigation on Biomedical Waste Ash in Concrete.
  4. Investigation on Partial Replacement of Cement with Coir Fiber (CF) & Jute Fiber (JF) and with Addition of Admixture.
  5. Study on Strength Characteristics of High Strength Rice Husk Ash Concrete
  6. A Study of Neem Seed Husk Ash as Partial Replacement for Cement in Concrete.
  7. Partial replacement of aggregate with ceramic tile in concrete.
  8. An Experimental Investigation Physical and Mechanical properties of concrete with the Replacement of sand fine aggregate by Poly vinyl chloride and Waste Glass.
  9. Developing Concrete using Sea Shell as a Fine Aggregate
  10. Replacement of cement by using Nano titanium dioxide and black carbon
    powder in high strength concrete.
  11. The effect of recycled aggregates on the accuracy of the maturity method on vibrated and self-compacting concretes.
  12. An experimental and numerical study of aluminium–concrete joints and composite beams.
  13. Design and fabrication of a new fiber-cement piezoelectric composite sensor for measurement of inner stress in concrete structures.
  14. Behavioral characteristics of hybrid girders according to type of steel–concrete connection.
  15. Experimental study on the shear strength of reinforced concrete beams cast with Lava lightweight aggregates.
  16. Evaluation of concrete barriers with novel shock absorbers subjected to impact loading.
  17. Elastic properties of self-compacting of concrete modified with Nano particles.
  18. Potential use of natural red mud as partial replacement with cement in oncrete.
  19. Utilization of rice husk ash and foundry sand as partial replacement materials in fiber reinforced concrete.
  20. Experimental assessment of the casting position factor of reinforcing bars in high performance concretes (HPC, HPSCC).
  21. An Experimental investigation on strength characteristic of concrete with partial replacement of silica fume and metakaolin with cement on M-30 grade of concrete.
  22. A study on Nylon fiber reinforced concrete by partial replacement of cement with metakaolin.
  23. An Experimental investigation on concrete manufactured by partial replacement of M sand with waste foundry sand and polycarboxilate ether.



  1. Improving Quality and Durability of Bitumen and Asphalt Concrete by
    Modification Using Recycled Polyethylene Based Polymer Composition.
  2. Thermodynamics of asphalt intermolecular interactions and asphalt-aggregate interactions.
  3. Effects of water exposure on bitumen surface microstructure.
  4. Effect of bitumen grade on hot asphalt mixes properties prepared using recycled coarse concrete aggregate.
  5. Eco-friendly materials for a new concept of asphalt pavement.
  6. Characterization of Bitumen/Plastic Blends for Flexible Pavement Application.
  7. Mutual changes in bitumen and rubber related to the production of asphalt rubber binders.
  8. Blending of virgin bitumen and RA binder in mixtures with high amounts of RA.
  9. Replacement of stabilizers by recycling plastic in asphalt concrete.
  10. A new approach for aggregate grading optimization for mixtures.
  11. The Use of Alternative and Improved Construction Materials and Geosynthetics for Pavements.
  12. Percentage replacement of bitumen with sugarcane waste molasses.
  13. Modification of local asphalt with epoxy resin to be used in pavement.
  14. Influence of rejuvenators on bitumen ageing in hot recycled asphalt mixtures.
  15. Eco-friendly Materials for a New Concept of Asphalt Pavement.
  16. Partial replacement of asphalt binder with bio-binder: Characterization and modification.
  17. Use of PET (Poly Ethylene Teraphtalate) waste in Bituminous Road Construction.
  18. Design and Properties renewable Bio asphalt for Flexible Pavement.



  1. The effect of wood ash on the properties and durability of lime mortar for repointing damp historic buildings.
  2. A comparison of standard and realistic curing conditions of natural hydraulic
    lime repointing mortar for damp masonry.
  3. Smart reversible thermo chromic mortar for improvement of energy efficiency in buildings.
  4. Effect of some biotic factors on microbially-induced calcite precipitation in cement mortar.
  5. Recycling paper industry effluent sludge for use in mortars.
  6. Use of lime–cement mortars for building conservation purposes in Portugal.
  7. Laboratory assessment of the performance of new hydraulic mortars for restoration .
  8. A comparison of standard and realistic curing condition of natural hydraulic lime repointing mortar for damp masonry.
  9. Effective light-weight masonry mortars with dispersed reinforcement .
  10. Effect of some biotic factors on microbially-inducedcalcite precipitation in
    cement mortar.
  11. The effect of aggregates with high gypsum content on the performance of ultrahigh strength concretes and Portland cement mortars.
  12. Properties of self-compacting mortar made with various types of sand.
  13. Mechanical strength, durability and drying shrinkage of structural mortar containing HCWA as partial replacement of cement.
  14. Performances of Cement Mortar Incorporating Superabsorbent Polymer (SAP) Using Different Dosing Methods.
  15. Study on mechanical properties of cement mortar by the addition of Ureolytic bacteria.
  16. The compressive strength study and the mortar standard compliance inspection of waste Bakelite mortar and conventional mortar.
  17. Use of waste brick as a partial replacement of cement in mortar.




  1. Planning and Designing of school building .
  2. Planning and Designing of marriage hall .
  3. Planning and Designing of multi-story apartment building .
  4. Planning and Designing of industrial building .
  5. Planning and Designing of super market building .
  6. Planning and Designing of auditorium building .
  7. Planning and Designing of airport terminal building .
  8. Planning and Designing of police station building .
  9. Planning and Designing of office building .
  10. Planning and Designing of single bed room residential building .
  11. Planning and Designing of railway station .
  12. Planning and Designing of airport hanger .
  13. Design of waste water treatment plant .
  14. Planning and Designing of earth quake resistant building using e-tabs.
  15. Planning and Designing of overhead circular water tank .
  16. Design of a rotary intersection in city junction .
  17. Planning and Designing of bank building .
  18. Planning and Designing of hospital building .
  19. Planning and Designing of higher secondary school building .
  20. Planning and Designing of panchayat union office building .
  21. Planning and Designing of modern bus stand .
  22. Planning and Designing of Girder Bridge .
  23. Design and Planning of a mall .
  24. Design and Analysis of govt / private warehouse .
  25. Design of pedestrian subway at a metro traffic junction .
  26. Design and analysis of earthquake resistant structure .
  27. Design and analysis of five star hotel building .
  28. Design and analysis multi car parking .
  29. Design and analysis multi bike parking .
  30. Design and analysis of pentagon shopping mall .
  31. Design and analysis of factory building .
  32. Design and analysis of girls hostel building .
  33. Design and analysis of retaining wall .
  34. Design and analysis of agricultural college building .
  35. Design and analysis of commercial mansion building .
  36. Design and analysis of warehouse by using staad pro .
  37. Design and analysis of Flyover Bridge .
  38. Design and analysis of road over bridge .

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