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PHP IEEE Projects

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PHP IEEE Projects for Final Year Engineering Students

I. IEEE 2018 Based PHP Projects

  1. Development and evaluation of online quizzes to enhance learning performance. (IEEE 2018)
  2. Application Web usage mining in E-Commerce. (IEEE 2018)
  3. Assessing the quality of Airline ticket reservation systems. (IEEE 2018)
  4. Privacy Preserving in Online Transaction for Electricity Board. (IEEE 2018)
  5. Attractive, Modern and Innovative Event Booking. (IEEE 2018)
  6. Library Administration Design Methodologies. (IEEE 2018)
  7. Automated Transportation Tracking System. (IEEE 2018)
  8. An Automated Scheme for Journal Broadcast.  (IEEE 2018)
  9. Settlement progression for the Retirement Employee. (IEEE 2018)
  10. Online Health Care Board Organism. (IEEE 2018)
  11. Online Corporate Job Placement Material Hunt. (IEEE 2018)
  12. Secured Online Internet E-Banking to avoid Hacking. (IEEE 2018)
  13. Online Employee Tracking System. (IEEE 2018)
  14. Attendance Management System. (IEEE 2018)
  15. Suggestion Based E-Commerce. (IEEE 2018)

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