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Machine Learning IEEE Projects for Final Year Engineering Students

I. PYTHON based IMAGE / VIDEO PROCESSING (Machine Learning)

  1. AI Vision Based Social Distancing Detection. (IEEE 2021)
  2. Traffic Sign Detection and Recognition Based on Image processing & Convolution Neural Network. (IEEE 2021)
  3. Computer Vision for Attendance and Emotion Analysis in School Settings. (IEEE 2021)
  4. Facial Mask Detection using Semantic Segmentation. (IEEE 2021)
  5. Human Activity Recognition using OpenCV & Python. (IEEE 2021)
  6. Image processing based Tracking and Counting Vehicles. (IEEE 2021)
  7. Paddy crop disease detection using machine learning. (IEEE 2021)
  8. Smart Voting System through Facial Recognition. (IEEE 2021)
  9. Efficient Deep CNN-Based Fire Detection and Localization in Video Surveillance Applications. (IEEE 2021)
  10. Object Detection, convert object name to text and text to speech. (IEEE 2021)
  11. What to play next? A RNN-based music recommendation system. (IEEE 2021)
  12. An improved fatigue detection system based on behavioural characteristics of driver.
  13. Wild animal intrusion detection using image processing & CNN. (IEEE 2021)
  14. Traffic sign detection using machine learning algorithm. (IEEE 2021)
  15. An Approach to Maintain Attendance using Image Processing Techniques
  16. Handwritten Digit Recognition Using Deep Learning. (IEEE 2021)
  17. Vehicle Number Plate Detection System for Indian Vehicles. (IEEE 2021)
  18. Speed Detection Camera System Using Image Processing Techniques On Video Streams


1. Parkinson Disease Detection Using Deep Neural Networks (IEEE 2021)
2. A Hybrid Feature Extraction Method with Regularized Extreme Learning Machine for Brain Tumour Classification. (IEEE 2021)
3. A Machine Learning Based Approach for Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease Using Analysis of Hippocampus Region from MRI Scan. (IEEE 2021)
4. Computer-Aided Segmentation of Liver Lesions in CT Scans Using Cascade
Convolutional Neural Networks and Genetically Optimised Classifier. (IEEE 2021)
5. CNN based Pneumonia Detection (IEEE 2021)
6. Algorithm for the Detection of Breast Cancer in Digital Mammograms Using DeepLearning (IEEE 2021)
7. Prediction and Diagnosis of Heart Disease Patients using Data Mining Technique.
8. Analysis of Chronic Kidney Disease Dataset by Applying Machine Learning Methods
9. Performance Analysis of Machine Learning Techniques to Predict Diabetes Mellitus

III. PYTHON based IOT (Machine Learning)

1. Efficient Face Detection and Identification In Networked Video Surveillance Systems.
2. Automated Vision-based Surveillance System to Detect Drowning Incidents in Swimming Pools (IEEE 2021)
3. Deep Learning Techniques for Obstacle Detection and Avoidance in Driverless Cars.
4. Object Tracking with Raspberry Pi using Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG) and Support Vector Machine (SVM). (IEEE 2021)
5. Real Time Vehicle Detection, Tracking and Counting Using Raspberry-Pi.
6. Indoor Intrusion Detection and Filtering System Using Raspberry Pi
7. Smart Cloud-Based Parking System using raspberry pi and machine learning for Smart Cities(IEEE 2021)
8. A robotic system for environment monitoring system based on Iot and data analytics using machine learning algorithm. (IEEE 2021)
9. Raspberry pi based auto image description and converting to speech and text for visually impaired. (IEEE 2021)
10. Iot based smart energy meter reading and billing system using raspberry pi and powermanagement using AI. (IEEE 2021)
11. A CNN based approach for fruit recognition & calorie estimation based on raspberry pi.
12. Raspberry pi based leaf disease detection using KNN and deep neural network.
13. Raspberry pi based Drowsiness Monitoring System using Visual Behaviour and Machine Learning. (IEEE 2021)
14. A portable assistive device for Blind, Dumb and Deaf people using AI. (IEEE 2021)
15. A smart farmland for crop prevention and animal intrusion detection using CNN.

IV. Machine learning projects: (Supervised & Unsupervised based Projects)

1. Analysis of Real-Time Data for Sepsis prediction using Machine Learning.
2. Sorting and guess of heart disease risk using data mining techniques and Machine Learning.
3. A Web Application to Predict Diabetes Disease Using Machine Learning Algorithm.
4. Online free Shaming on Twitter: finding, investigation, and machine lessening using Polarity Prediction.
5. Data Polarity prediction Sentiment analysis using Emotion prediction with machineLearning Method
6. Weather prediction summery using machine learning Algorithms.
7. Employee promotion prediction using machine learning and Data mining
8. Window app for Road accident prediction using Machine learning models
9. Covid Stages Prediction using data Analysis with machine learning models
10. Company performance Analysis by Twitter web scraping and Polarity Prediction usingMachine Learning.
11. A Comparative Study of Opinion Summarization Techniques.
12. Case Study
13. Detecting and Characterizing Extremist Reviewer Groups in Online Product Reviews.
14. Feature-Level Rating System Using Customer Reviews and Review Votes.
15. Ranking of Importance Measures of Tweet Communities: Application to KeywordExtraction
16. From COVID-19 Tweets in Japan.
17. Sentiment Analysis of Lockdown in India during COVID-19: A Case Study on Twitter.
18. A Comparative Study of Opinion Summarization Techniques.
19. Skin cancer prediction using Cnn.
20. Voice based email for blind using Machine learning technique.
21. Counting vehicle numbers using computer vision.
22. Tracking number plate of car and estimating the speed and fining technique.
23. Estimating the social distancing in real time using by using Euclidean distance.
24. Stock Market Analysis using Supervised Machine Learning
25. The Impact of Sentiment Analysis on Social Media to Assess Customer Satisfaction:Case of Rwanda.
26. Login page using face recognition and emotion recognition.
27. Student Grade prediction and job profile selection.
28. Alzheimer’s disease using image processing brain.
29. A CNN-based Framework for Comparison of Contactless to Contact-based Fingerprints
30. Air Pollution Prediction System for Smart City using Data Mining Technique: A Survey
31. Phishing Web Sites Features Classification Based on Extreme Learning Machine.Machine Learning for Web Vulnerability Detection: The Case of Cross-Site RequestForgery.
33. Image processing based Tracking and Counting Vehicles
34. SMS Spam Detection using Machine Learning Approach.
35. Rainfall Prediction using Regression Model.
36. Human Activity Recognition using OpenCV & Python
37. Customer Segmentation using K-Means Algorithm
38. Crime analysis and prediction using data mining techniques
39. Raspberry pi based hand gesture recognition & voice conversion system for dumbpeople.
40. Flask framework for CV analysis and personality prediction using big 5 traits
41. Driver Drowsiness Monitoring System using Visual Behaviour and Machine Learning
42. Assistive Device for Blind, Deaf and Dumb People using Raspberry-pi
43. Classification of Cancerous Profiles using Machine Learning
44. Voice based Email for Blind.
45. Disease Prediction by Machine Learning Over Big Data From Healthcare Communities
46. Object Detection, convert object name to text and text to speech.
47. Raspberry Pi based unauthorized car parking system by capturing the number plate of avehicle using open CV technique thereby alarming the police & vehicle owner.
48. Application of Data Mining Methods in Diabetes Prediction
49. An Approach to Maintain Attendance using Image Processing Techniques
50. Sentiment Analysis of Top Colleges
51. Detection of fake online reviews using semi-supervised and supervised learning
52. Prediction and Diagnosis of Heart Disease Patients using Data Mining Technique
53. A Deep Learning Approach for Face Detection using YOLO
54. Analysis of Chronic Kidney Disease Dataset by Applying Machine Learning Methods
55. Random Forest for Credit Card Fraud Detection.
56. Smart Voting System through Facial Recognition

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