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Deep Learning IEEE Projects for Final Year Engineering Students


1. Leaf disease detection in windows application using Deep Learning. (IEEE 2021)
2. Facial Attendance management system in windows application with email updating using Deep Learning. (IEEE 2021)
3. Fire detection and warning Application from real-time video using Deep Learning.
4. Prediction of Covid Face Mask detection with email warning using in Deep Learning
5. Face detection security with email warning using Deep learning. (IEEE 2021)
6. Breast cancer for Risk prediction using Deep learning models. (IEEE 2021)
7. Brain tumour prediction using Deep Learning models. (IEEE 2021)
8. Driver drowsiness detection using Deep Learning. (IEEE 2021)
9. Fake news detection using LSTM Deep Learning. (IEEE 2021)
10. Food Detection and orphanage notification using Deep Learning. (IEEE 2021)
11. Hand Sign/Gesture Detection using Deep Learning. (IEEE 2021)
12. Student staff Relationship Management and result prediction with facial attendance using Deep Learning. (IEEE 2021)

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