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  1. Centralized Remote Based College Information Scheme.
  2. CRM Airlines diligence is to provide the world-class services.
  3. Forestry mesh Manuscript business used for ordering over the internet.
  4. An Automated Scheme for insurance activities.
  5. Robotic Transportation for Mobile freelancer.
  6. AJAX Techniques Based on Snare Order Processing System.
  7. University Admission Process for the Computerized privileged process.
  8. Outsource Lending Tree for a freelancer.
  9. Maintenance the Centralized Database for network Stock Analyzer.
  10. Automatic Real-Time License Place Identification For Increased Fraud Detection.
  11. Jewellery Management for Web Process.
  12. Interactive job vacancy for Resource out Sourcing.
  13. Virtual showcase for web music system.
  14. Performs Encrypt and decrypts for On-line java compiler with security editor.
  15. Customer Satisfactions for hospital Using MediTracker.
  16. Intrusion Detection System over Abnormal Internet Sequence.
  17. Retrieving and Storing Information for Infoware Services.
  18. Global Communication Media is developing on the web.
  19. Future banking solution for e-transaction interface.


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