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  1. Hiding data in a media file using steganography scheme.
  2. Database optimization by SQL query tuning.
  3. Searching file and folders in local area network.
  4. Identifying the pattern recognition under face images.
  5. Secure Communication Using Public Key And Symmetric Key.
  6. Personal computer resource monitoring and maintenance.
  7. Controlling the operating system with the help of automatic speech recognition.
  8. Moving Object Detection Using Web Cam
  9. Gps Tracer Application For Windows Mobile Ce5
  10. Video Based Distance Traffic Analysis
  11. Quick Analysis Of Fiber Export And Import -Coir
  12. Tracking employee details and benefits in an organization.
  13. Simplification of point-sampled geometry with feature preservation.
  14. Texture synthesis for image processing
  15. Discriminative learning of local image descriptors


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