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Inplat Training for Bio-Technology Students in Coimbatore

SESSION 1: Vital Sign Monitoring & Measurement

  • Heart Beat
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Vibration


SESSION 2: Medical Image Analysis

  • About Matlab
    • Features of Matlab
    • Why is Interpreter
  • Tool-Box
  • Matlab Operation & Commands
  • Basic Image Analysis
  • Tissue Engineering [Foot Wound Analysis]


SESSION 3: Wound Infection Control

  • Galvanic Skin Response Sensor
  • Photo interrupter
  • Mems

SESSION 4: Disease Identification & Diagnosis

  • SimBiology Tool
  • Chronic Disease Analysis
    • Retinal Diabetic Monitoring
    • Vessel Segmentation
  • Tomography Diagnosis
    • Brain Tumor Analysis
  • Cell Engineering (Disease Identification)
    • Microarray Segmentation
    • Capsule Endoscopy Cell Analysis
    • Blood Cell Tracking

SESSION 5: Android Workshop

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Why Choose UNIQ For Inplant Training at Coimbatore

By Implant training we mean, equipping students with tips, tricks, and best Inplant training practices followed in Multinational companies in India. We closely mimic various practical approaches they use to solve critical problems and make you arrive at strategic solutions. We fill the gap, where your college fails. The faculties we use to train our professionals from MNC, who do this training for passion. They are experts in what they teach you. We make sure that the Implant training we provide you to be more than just a classroom session. It is 100% practical IPT and we permit you for relaxations at your convenience. At the end of the IPT training program at Coimbatore, you can feel the transformation in yourself.

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